About Us

One half of us is Malawian the other half is Italian. One is a journalist while the other is an engineer. Our vacation homes, the exteriors and interiors, represent our two different cultures and styles which complement each other. In turn, this creates a safe and relaxing harbour not only for us but also for our diverse guests.

As Milan-based avid travellers, we enjoy exploring Italy’s many beautiful sites. It took us only one day to fall in love with the enchanting medieval town of Spello in Umbria. What started as a summer adventure turned into a place called home. In July 2021, we opened the first of our two homes in the town to travellers and holidaymakers so they too can fall in love with the green heart of Italy as we did.

Our other vacation homes are in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi and Marruggio, a seaside town in the Apulian region of Italy. These two places are where we have our origins, roots and families.

We look forward to hosting you in Spello, Lilongwe and Maruggio.

Welcome ❤  Benvenuti ❤ Ndinuolandilidwa.


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